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Alaska Trout Fishing, Alaska Salmon Fishing, Alask Fishing Vacation all at Krog's Kamp We offer a variety of activities. Visit our Alaskan Fishing Trip and Adventures Planner for details.
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Alaskan Fishing Lodge Nestled on the Kenai River, our Alaskan Fishing Lodge is only a cast away from prime Alaska Fishing.

Species First Run Second Run
King Salmon mid-May to early July. Early July to season closure on July 31
Sockeye Salmon late May to early July. Mid-July to Mid August
Coho Salmon late July to late August. Early September through season closure on Nov. 30
Rainbow Trout June 11th through April 14th
Dolly Varden June 11th through April 14th
Pink Salmon Late July through mid-August on every even year.

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Alaska Trout Fishing

Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing
Alaska Trout Fishing
For those of you who enjoy Alaska Trout fishing, the Kenai River is famous for its trophy rainbow trout. The season opens June 15 and Alaska trout fishing is generally good throughout the summer. Some of the most superb Alaska fishing though is in the fall after the spawning salmon are gone. The rainbow fishing trips consist of a drift trip through the Kenai National Moose Refuge, stopping at the many fishing pools along the way. This a truly beautiful journey through a real wilderness area. It is not uncommon while Alaska trout fishing to catch a trout measuring 27 inches or more. Large Dolly Varden are also fairly plentiful in the Kenai River during your Alaska fishing adventure. The upper Kenai River is catch and release only for Alaska Rainbow Trout. There are many stocked lakes in the area that also provide the angler with good opportunities to harvest trout for the table should that be desired. Krog's Kamp can also arrange for a flyout trout fishing trip if you are interested in a more remote excursion. These acrobatic rainbows will provide a real thrill on light tackle. You will most likely hook into some nice Dolly Varden while Alaska trout fishing for on the upper Kenai River. Like the rainbows, these Dolly Varden trout can go upwards of 12 to fifteen pounds. For a true Alaska trout fishing vacation, this trip through the refuge is a must for all fly fishermen.

Alaska Steelhead / Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Alaska Trout Fishing - Species Identification

Alaska Rainbow Trout and Alaska Steelhead are both trout, but different forms of the same species (called sub-groups). The rainbow trout lives it's life entirely in freshwater, while the steelhead trout leave freshwater as juveniles and mature in the ocean before migrating back to their home waters. Although there are no major physical differences between the sub-group of Alaskan trout as they mature some differences due to their life styles do emerge. These subtle differences are color, shape and even size.

For the hopeful Alaska Trout fishing enthusiast, they can get up to 4 feet in length and Weigh up to 53 pounds. They have a lifespan up to 11 years, and spend their time foraging on insects, crustaceans, other fish, mollusks and zooplankton (not to mention other fish eggs). As Juveniles both have parr marks on their sides and several more between the top of the head and dorsal fins. Their lower jaws typically doesn't extend past the back of the eye. For ocean going trout, smoltification occurs allowing them to survive the salt water, and also a time where they lose their parr marks and turn shiny in color. Rainbows who stay in fresh water obtain their streamlined form within a year. For a full description of the changes which occur between the two species, visit adfg.alaska.gov.

Lifecycle of a Alaska Rainbow Trout

Alaska Trout Fishing
Alaska Trout Fishing - Rainbow
Maturing Alaska trout and steelhead seek out shallow gravel in a suitable stream to spawn.  This spawning usually takes place in spring when the water temperature is warm enough. Females use their tails to prepare a nest which she deposits up to 8,000 eggs. These eggs hatch within four months (dependent on water temperature). Sexual maturity of the trout varies widely based on localized food, temperature, population and other factors. Unlike humans, the males mature quicker than the females, and once mature (generally 2-3 years) the ocean faring trout will begin their ocean life. Stream trout and steelhead have very different lifestyles. The steelhead has a complicated existence with a great deal of variance based on the surrounding factors of their oceanic existence, while the stream trout has a much less complex lifestyle.

Alaska trout will spawn more than once, unlike the salmon populations who die following spawning.  For those Alaska trout fishing enthusiast, that means you have more than one chance to catch these.  Once spawning is complete, the adult females who are salt-water lovers will return to the ocean to merely repeat the cycle again another day. Although Alaska trout fishing can be a challenge, but well worth the anglers time to go after these trophy fish.

Alaska trout facts

Did you know that the steelhead trout belongs to the family Salmonidae which also includes salmon and char?
Steelhead trout are considered threatened and even endangered in many areas of the contiguous west coast of the United States.
Rainbow trout are only native to the rivers and lakes of North America.
The largest rainbow trout on record weighed a pole bending 57 pounds!

Nutritional Facts about the Alaska rainbow trout (wild)

Alaska trout fishing nets a fare low in sodium and is a good source of Vitamin B6, Potassium and Selenium.  Wild Alaska rainbow trout is considered a "very good" source of Protein, Niacin, Vitamin B12 and Phosphorus.


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