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Krogs Kamp
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Alaska Trout Fishing, Alaska Salmon Fishing, Alask Fishing Vacation all at Krog's Kamp We offer a variety of activities. Visit our Alaskan Fishing Trip and Adventures Planner for details.
Krogs Kamp
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Alaskan Fishing Lodge Nestled on the Kenai River, our Alaskan Fishing Lodge is only a cast away from prime Alaska Fishing.

Non-Residence Fishing License Fees
Nonresident 1-day sport fishing $20.00
Nonresident 3-day sport fishing $35.00
Nonresident 7-day sport fishing $55.00
Nonresident 14-day sport fishing $80.00
Nonresident annual sport fishing $145.00
Nonresident annual hunting and sport fishing $230.00

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Alaska Fishing

Alaska Fishing - King Salmon FishingThe most popular Alaskan fishing trip during the summer is King Salmon fishing which begins in May and ends July 31. These beautiful chrome bright kings can be elusive hence more of a challenge than any other species of Pacific salmon. Once you catch one, you'll be hooked. These lunkers are fantastic to catch - a real trophy.

Alaska Fishing - Sockeye SalmonOther salmon species such as Sockeye Salmon start in mid-June and run through the end of July. These fish pass by our property by the hundreds of thousands each year. Our guests enjoy outstanding Alaska fishing for red salmon from our grated walkways.

Alaska Fishing - Silver SalmonSilver Salmon begin in late July and early August in the Kenai River. Pound for pound, these salmon are considered the best fighters of the lot. Once on the line, they will break the water's surface and go tail walking across the surface. With light tackle, you'll have a real Alaska fishing challenge on your hands.

Alaska Fishing - Rainbow TroutA float fishing trip on the upper Kenai River for trophy Rainbow Trout is a must. The crystal clear waters of the upper Kenai River are ideal for fly fishing. A simple bead following a an attractor on a 10 foot leader behind a barbless hook is the common tackle for fishing this area. All rainbow trout fishing is catch and release. Rainbow trout have been caught weighing up to 37 pounds on the middle Kenai River.

Alaska Fishing - HalibutOn the waters of Cook Inlet you will fish for barn door size Halibut. Each year many halibut are caught that weigh over two hundred pounds. These large fish though are our breeding stock and we do not encourage guests to keep them. Smaller halibutr are some of the finest fish for the dinner table you will find anywhere. It is not uncommon to limit out early in the day, then you can sit back and enjoy watching the seabirds and marine mammals play in the Inlet. Fishing in Alaska can be a life changing experience, but no Alaska fishing trip is complete without trying your hand at Halibut fishing.

At Krog's Kamp, you will find experienced guides who are Coast Guard licensed and State permitted. All are first aid and CPR current. All fishing gear is provided by your guide or the kamp. You will need only a fishing license and a King Salmon stamp (if you are fishing for Kings) which can be purchased at kamp for your convenience.

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