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Krogs Kamp
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Alaska Trout Fishing, Alaska Salmon Fishing, Alask Fishing Vacation all at Krog's Kamp We offer a variety of activities. Visit our Alaskan Fishing Trip and Adventures Planner for details.
Krogs Kamp
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Alaskan Fishing Lodge Nestled on the Kenai River, our Alaskan Fishing Lodge is only a cast away from prime Alaska Fishing.

Species First Run Second Run
King Salmon mid-May to early July. Early July to season closure on July 31
Sockeye Salmon late May to early July. Mid-July to Mid August
Coho Salmon late July to late August. Early September through season closure on Nov. 30
Rainbow Trout June 11th through April 14th
Dolly Varden June 11th through April 14th
Pink Salmon Late July through mid-August on every even year.

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Krogs Kamp Recipes

Please be patient while we fish up some new recipes during our Alaskan Fishing trips.

Krog's Kamp Halibut Olympia

    2 pounds halibut filets
    1 cup Japanese bread crumbs (PANKO)
    1 cup corn flake crumbs
    2 cups mayonaise
    1 stick butter
    1 large onion

Filet halibut so that filets are no more than ½ inch thick; lay halibut on paper towels until excess moisture has been absorbed; melt butter in shallow baking dish in oven; slice onion ¼ inch thick into baking dish and return to oven until onion soft. Set aside. Mix corn flake crumbs and panko crumbs together in shallow bowl. Place mayonaise in another shallow dish.

Smear mayonaise on both sides of halibut and then dip mayo’d halibut into crumb mixture - covering both sides. Place crumbed filet on top of sauteed onions. Once pan is completely filled, place in preheated oven set at highest bake temperature and bake for 12 - 15 minutes. Remove and serve.

NOTE: Adjust the the amount of onion and the amount of Panko and Corn Flake crumbs to your individual liking. Bon Appetit!



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